Admission is opened for anyone to enroll during the year as par the teacher availability and under the registration procedure. All information will be provided by the admins at the reception desk in person or through any of the BMI’s communication channels such has calls, Whatsapp chat or emails. Admins are responsible for direct communication with learners and their parents, answer calls and providing information (fees, courses, terms and conditions), register and schedule lessons of new learners in the internal system and provide them with user name and passwords to the internal school system to view their scheduled lessons, tuition fees and remarks, reach out to the learners and parents for any concern regarding the institute.


  1. students can choose between the BMI’ programs. BMI offers qualification programs or Liberal studies, admins will explain the differences, outcomes and benefits of both categories and will proceed with registration accordingly.
  2. students will be examined by the teacher according to the /3.3.2 Students level setting/
  3. all students can request a free trial lesson / consultation with the teachers to get more information about the learning, its specifications and BMI programs.


Admins will explain the syllabus for the particular instrument. Accepting the students depending on what the age of the student is and instruments that the students want to learn. Students/parents are required to fill a registration form and get acquainted with the terms and conditions. If they have any question regarding the terms and condition, the admin will explain it clearly to them. Fees for the registration, lessons package and exams payment are paid in advance as full payment. Each lessons package have different fees. If beginner, intermediate and advanced. Accessing the student level is depending on their knowledge in music. After the assessment, the student can do the registration. Then, admin will arrange the schedule of the student according to their and teacher’s availability. Then the student is set for the lessons. 


Students level setting


To assure the student’s progress and the proper way of learning, BMI is considering the previous music education and provide a trial lesson for each subject to get to know and set the current level. The student will be asked to bring any previous certifications, transcript of records, books he or she was studying, including etudes, scales. Student can also provide any notebook with the previous teacher’s remarks or a home practice sheet, if available. The student should provide the teacher as well with all information related to the previous achievements such as concerts, workshops participation, etc. and support it with documents.


The student’s level will be determined according to the international standard:


  1. student without any previous learning are automatically placed into the beginner level, he or she will be questioned to meet the expectations, teacher will make sure that the student is placed in the correct platform (educational studies or liberal studies)
  2. Student with previous learning - teacher will examine the student (practical exam) - give them to play scales / arpeggios if applicable, several pieces across volumes of the approved music books by Ministry of Education, teacher will see their technical skills, musical level and overall the student ability and decides which level is suitable for the student (1 - 4).
  3. If the student already achieves the skills falling into the level 4, the teacher suggests to enroll in the international certification programs such as ABRSM and Trinity College London where they can achieve the graded certification Grade 1 – Grade 8 and above (diploma). In case the student is not interested, they can enroll in Liberal studies and work with same progressivity on their levels.


Student registration and lesson policy


Students / parents are required to fill a registration form and get acquainted with the conditions:

- fee for the lessons and course length

- packages and offers policies

- lessons cancelation / make up lessons - emergency, exams - advance 24 hours

- payment methods - full payment

- lesson attendance

special condition - BMI needs to be aware of student’s eventual handicaps

- registration of the students is made at the administration desk

- registration fee is 10BHD

- all fees must be paid before the lesson

- students can immediately attend the lesson after the registration and payment

- the lesson duration is 30, 45 or 60 minutes and cannot be extended

- student is required to be on time and prepare for the lesson

- the practice time is 30 minutes

- package of lessons must be completed within the validly of the package

- make up lessons only within the validity of the package

- registration and tuition fees are non-refundable

- BMI offers scholarship for young Bahraini students upon consultation

- lessons are provided in English language, in some exceptions also in other languages such as Arabic or German

- changing the instruments (programs) is possible, student will be automatically placed into the beginner category unless the switching is between very close instruments such as acoustic guitar and bass guitar or violin to viola. In this case, students continue their learning with the same teacher who will decide on the level of the student