Lucy Victoria Thate

Lucy started learning guitar with BMI in 2017. Lucy was fortunate to have a guitar teacher that believed in her and this made her more confident with her guitar skills. Due to this, she was able to compete and placed in music competition.

She enjoys her lessons and she loves that she’s learning not just classical pieces but contemporaries as well. She loves that her teacher (Mr. Erwin) pushes her to learn hard pieces and she never backs down but takes the challenge with lots of enthusiasm. And when she learns a new piece, she likes to play it in front of her family for entertainment. She truly enjoys playing her guitar.

Her dedication and love of guitar playing also paved way for her to get frequently invited by BMI every time to participate in any engagements inside or outside the Institute. What she has learned from other BMI teachers (theory with Mr. Larry) has helped her in her Music class in school, as well.

Lucy loves to read books. She loves writing, and she draws a lot. She’s into sports as well.

Faisal Fahad Al Doseri

Faisal is BMI sstudent since he was 9 years old when he started to learn drums. A year later he moved to the piano and started studying music theory. At 18 he began to learn the Arabic Oud. Currently, at 20 years old he is a second year medical student at RCSI Bahrain.


''BMI has given me the opportunity to meet and engage with many talented instructors and musicians, while also giving me a chance to showcase my talents at multiple concerts and performances. These opportunities allowed me to build my confidence and character, so that I could share my love for music with the world''