A drum is a musical instrument that is played with the hands using a drum stick. (a stick for hitting a drum) A collection of drums and cymbals is called a drum kit or drum set.


History of Drums


The concept of drums is as old as mankind. Drum first appeared as far back as 6000 BC Mesopotamian excavations unearthed small cylindrical drums dated 3000 BC. The American Indians used gourd and wooden constructed drums for their rituals and ceremonies. By the 1930s the standard drum kit had taken shape. The kit consisted of a bass drum and foot pedal, snare, tom toms, hi–hat cymbal and large hanging cymbals.


Interesting facts about Drums and Drumming


Drums were with us from the dawn of mankind. First as natural objects that we could hit. Modern configuration of drum sets become in use during First years of 20th century. Drums and the most important part of the rhythm section of any band. Many band around the world are famous not only by their singers or composers, but by the style of their drummers. Drummers have to use all four of their limbs to play different drums. Skills that every modern drummer needs to have and limb independence, eye-hand coordination and good sense of rhythm. Drumming burns more calories in half hour session than cycling, weight lifting and hiking. Recreational playing of drums lowers stress hormones in our body.


Famous drummers and their genres


Ian Paice         Hand rick, heavy metal, blues Rock, progressive Rock

Neil Peart        Progressive rock, Hard rock, jazz, swing, heavy metal

Dave weckl      Jazz fusion, post-bop

Horacio            Latin jazz. Latin Rock

Mike Portony   progressive metal ,heavy metal ,progressive rock, hard rock, blues rock 


Why to study drums


Playing drums relives stress and a great physical workout. It helps build coordination and increases development in various rejions of the brain, that’s why musical instrument ‘DRUMS’ is so special