BMI Teachers

Bahrain Music Institute selects teaches from all over the world to get a wide perspective in music education. All our teachers have approval from the Ministry of Education and are highly qualified. You can meet any of our teacher, just call us and schedule your free trial lesson.

Antony Vargese

Born in India, Antony Varghese has been playing drums since he was 8 years old. He later earned his Diploma in Teaching from Trinity College of London for Music Educators. 

He is currently working in the Bahrain Philharmonic Orchestra as a Principal Percussionist, with the Bahrain Police band and as a Drum Teacher at Bahrain Music Institute. 

He currently holds the Asian and Indian Record for most drum strokes played in a minute. He has won 2 national championships for drums in India ande also participated in the Drum-off Global contest— winning the regional contest 2 times. In 2020 Antony won a special edition snare drum from Dixon Company and, in 2021, was part of the prestigious Dubai Expo. 

Legna Otero

Nabeel Al-Aseeri

Nabeel is a Bahraini guitar, bass, ukulele, music production and music composition teacher who has a bachelor degree in music from The Australian Institute of Music. Nabeel has a lot of experience as a performer as well as a teacher. He has also composed several pieces for different variety of music instruments.

Farooq Al Shaik, guitar teacher

Marivie Galino Agustin


Marivie Agustin holds a Bachelor of Music in Music Education major in Piano and minor in Voice from University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines. She was born in South Cotabato, Philippines and became interested in singing and learning to play piano when she was 10 years old. She was actively involved in the school choir during her high school and by age of 16 she started serving the several churches in South Cotabato, Philippines as a church pianist and organist.
    Marivie Agustin began her music teaching career at the age of 19. She has a gift and love for teaching, passing on her passion for music to her students in a way that motivates them, whether young or old, and tailoring their lessons to meet their needs and goals. She has taught vocal and piano lessons for over 21 years in several Music Schools and Institutes including Yamaha School of Music, Philippines, De Swan School of Music, Brunei and she have been teaching piano and vocal lessons in Bahrain Music Institute for more than 11 years already.
    As a performing musician, she worked as an evening pianist in Capital Club Bahrain and has been a piano player for different occasions or events and also a piano accompanist during music exams and in different musical events. She also specializes in serving as a pianist for church services.



Alan K. Tom

Alan K. Tom is an Indian pianist focusing in classical and jazz music. He has been teaching music since 2016 for all age groups. During this period, he also worked as a freelance pianist in various bands. He completed 8th Grade in both piano as well as music theory from Trinity College London. Currently, he is working in the Bahrain Police Band under Ministry of Interior in Bahrain and Bahrain Music Institute as a piano teacher.


Anjo Mylackel Mani

Anjo Mylackel Mani was born and grew up in India. At the age of 12 he started learning violin at Kalabhavan Music School. He graduated from Cochin University in Electrical Engineering and during his graduation period he completed ABRSM Grade 8 in violin. At the age of 19 he joined Cochin Chamber Orchestra and worked there for 3 years. In 2014 he got an opportunity at Bahrain Police Bandin under Ministry of Interior in Bahrain. Here he started to learn oboe and in 2018 he completed ABRSM Grade 5. Since 2016 he has been teaching violin and and recently as well oboe at the Bahrain Music Institute.



Solomon Samuel

Solomon Samuel is a drums teacher and performer from India. He started to learn drumming at the age of 10 in Nadabrahma Music School. At the age of 15 he formed a band with friends and practiced a lot of genres of music. At that time, he had a good fortune to become a student of a great teacher and performer Mr. Joeboy, the first and only one Indian, whose name found a place for his performance in the American Modern Drummer Magazine. Thanks to Mr. Joeboy’s excellent teaching methods, Solomon was able to obtain a certificate in the 8th grade of Trinity College London. Between 1995-1999 Solomon was associated with the band 9 HRS Rock Band and performed at many prestigious concerts. Later between 2000-2004 Solomon became a member of a band Green heart band. In 2003 he became a drums teacher at ADD School of Music in Trivandrum and continued his teaching career in Muscat in Oman at Melody Music Centre. In 2009 he took the opportunity to join the Bahrain Police Band under Ministry of Interior in Bahrain and Bahrain Music Institute as a drums teacher.





Markéta Dietzová

Markéta Dietzová was born in a small village in the Czech Republic. Her parents, musicians, let her play the violin at the age of six. During her studies at the music school, she performed at many concerts and devoted several years to choir singing. 

At the age of 13 to the age of 15, she regularly attended several violin master courses, where she met Professor Pavel Kudelásek, with whom she then studied at the Prague Conservatory. After graduating from the conservatory, she began her studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague where she obtained bachelor's degree and then master's degree in the field of Music Management. Already during her studies at the college she became a guest member of the first violins in the North Czech Philharmonic Orchestra in Teplice and had the opportunity to take part in world concert tours in Southeast Asia, Europe and South America where she accompanied famous artists such as José Carreras or Broadway soloists. 

During 5 years of performing in the orchestra, she had the opportunity to get acquainted with the most important musical works and composers and also to look into the organizational unit as well as perform as a soloist with the orchestra several times.

Since 2014, she has started to organize her own music projects, such as Charity concerts and Three tenors concerts. In 2016, she took up the position of Assistant to the President of the European Music Academy where, in addition to many master classes, she organized concerts in the Czech Republic and abroad. 

After graduating from university, she joined a telecommunications company as the head of the documentation department, where she also tried working under pressure and had the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest technologies and improve her management skills.

In 2018 she completed her research on Cultural Centers in the Middle East and she decided to travel to the Gulf countries. During one of the trips, she met Dr. Mubarak Najem, who later offered her the position of managing director and violin teacher at the Bahrain Music Institute which she accepted and took office in the same year.