Solomon Samuel

Solomon Samuel is a drums teacher and performer from India. He started to learn drumming at the age of 10 in Nadabrahma Music School. At the age of 15 he formed a band with friends and practiced a lot of genres of music. At that time, he had a good fortune to become a student of a great teacher and performer Mr. Joeboy, the first and only one Indian, whose name found a place for his performance in the American Modern Drummer Magazine. Thanks to Mr. Joeboy’s excellent teaching methods, Solomon was able to obtain a certificate in the 8th grade of Trinity College London. Between 1995-1999 Solomon was associated with the band 9 HRS Rock Band and performed at many prestigious concerts. Later between 2000-2004 Solomon became a member of a band Green heart band. In 2003 he became a drums teacher at ADD School of Music in Trivandrum and continued his teaching career in Muscat in Oman at Melody Music Centre. In 2009 he took the opportunity to join the Bahrain Police Band under Ministry of Interior in Bahrain and Bahrain Music Institute as a drums teacher.