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Welcome to Bahrain Music Institute

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About us

Bahrain Music Institute is a music school licensed by the Ministry of Education.

The institute was founded in 2000 and has taught approximately 10,000 students throughout its history.

The institute provides music lessons of piano, guitar, violin, drums, oud, vocal, flute, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, music theory and many other on the individual basis for all age groups from 5 years.

Bahrain Music Institute also organizes several concerts, workshops, performances and other cultural activities across the whole Bahrain.





Bahrain Youth Orchestra (BYO)

References of our students

''BMI has given me the opportunity to meet and engage with many talented instructors and musicians, while also giving me a chance to showcase my talents at multiple concerts and performances.''
''I enjoy my lessons and love that I am learning not just classical pieces but contemporaries as well. I love that my teacher pushes me to learn hard pieces and I never back down but take the challenge with lots of enthusiasm.''
''I enjoy my lessons a lot, Mr Pavlo is super helpful and I have learnt a lot from him. There are as well a lot of opportunities to perfom at  concerts within BMI and with BMI partnering with other institutions.''

The first success of our students

Meet our excellent Bahraini students (from the left) Dana Al Tajer, Faisal Fahad Al Doseri, Sarah Al Doseri, Ranya Al Doseri, long-term students of the Bahrain Music Institute who can already rank among significant musicians in Bahrain. Dana is currently taking piano lessons with teacher Pavlo Hryniaiev and working on her own compositions and reaps considerable success. Faisal, Sarah and Ranya are very talented sibling from Al Doseri family. All of them are very active in all BMI events and projects. It is worth mentioning, e.g. the Thanksgiving concert MUSICO2020 where they contributed with an excellent piano and oud performance.


Introducing a new teacher

Meet our new guitar teacher Mr. Karl Babular. Karl is specialising in classical guitar, bass guitar, ukulele and vocal